Pet Photography

Pet Photographer Cambridgeshire

If you own a pet you’ll understand why we regard them as ‘part of the family’ nowadays rather than ‘just pets’.  The endless, unconditional love and affection they bring us is wonderful, so why not let Kate, our experienced pet photographer capture some beautiful memories of your furry friends (or not so furry as the case may be!) and book a pet portrait photography session?

Wall-Art you’ll fall in love with…. as much as your pet!

Kate’s photography reflects the enjoyment she gets from photographing animals, therefore you’ll fall in love with the images she creates for you.  A collection of photographs in one beautiful frame will ensure you have the best display of the images you love.


Photography in the Studio – Pet Photographer

As a pet photographer and animal lover (with a special love for dogs!), Kate understands that an animal’s attention span can be short lived during photo-shoots.  The importance of your pet’s welfare is of utmost importance, therefore to alleviate any potential distress, regular water and comfort breaks are encouraged. Our typical pet photography sessions will last from 30 minutes up to one hour and are held in our air-conditioned photography studio in St. Neots, Cambridgeshire.

Cats are also more than welcome in the studio and we’ve certainly photographed many cats in here!  We won’t lie, due to their nature they are more challenging to photograph that dogs, however with a lot of patience and experience Kate will be able to capture your cat like it’s just walked in to the studio and posed for her! Patience is certainly the key; Kate knows all the tricks and will go through this with you if you want a lovely portrait of your furry feline.