Photo Restoration

Photo Restoration Services

Photograph Scanning in St. Neots

Our professional photography studio in St. Neots can also scan your photographs, perform digital restoration, editing and provide photograph printing services.  We are able to scan photographs up to A3 in size, although depending on the image, it may be possible to scan larger and join the image (we would need to see the image in order to determine whether this can be done). For larger artwork or photographs, we can also photograph them in order to reproduce a copy at a high quality resolution for printing.

Photo Restoration

Digital Restoration – St. Neots

Once your photographs have been scanned, we can perform a digital restoration process.  Some images may only require an exposure, colour and contrast adjustment, others may need a little more attention!  We can help with the following digital restoration and editing processes:

  • Exposure, colour correction and contrast adjustment can all be performed
  • Blemishes from general damage on the image can be removed
  • Tears and creases can be eliminated
  • Missing pieces of the photograph can be digitally put back together
  • Some elements (including people) can be removed or added

Please Note: The above digital restoration processes can all be applied, however it really will depend on each individual image; our professional photographers would need to see the image in order to determine what realistically needs and/or can be done.  We will always provide you a quote for any restoration work.

Photo-Printing – St. Neots

After your images have been digitally enhanced, we have plenty of options for printing.  You can choose from photo-printing standard sizes, custom sizes and large format sizes (this will depend on the size of the original image/quality of the scan we were able to produce). You can also have your photographs printed on canvas.

Photo-Printing from your Phone, USB or iPad

Our experienced and professional photographers are used to handling photographs on a daily basis, our trained eyes will know if colour or exposure needs to be adjusted and how best to crop an image to fit the ratio and size you require.  If you have photographs you need printing from your phone, computer or iPad, we can do this here at Honeycomb Photography.  Each individual photograph printed is hand-checked in order to provide you with high quality images.

Sort and Choose Images from the comfort of your own home

Most people now have hundreds, if not thousands of images on their phone!  Standing in store and painstakingly going through these in order to find the image you want to print can be really time consuming and frustrating.  If you wish, you can sit in the comfort of your own home and select the image/s you need printing and then send them to us for printing:

Email us your photographs to be printed
If you have only one or two images, you may be able to simply send these via email.  Please send them to

You can send a few images via WhatsApp.  Please send them to 07828922552

We Transfer
If you have a larger number of photographs to be printed, it may be easier to send them via a download link, we use ‘We Transfer‘, where you can send up to 2GB of data FREE of charge.

How to use ‘We Transfer’
We Transfer is simple and FREE to use, but if you haven’t used it before, here is a simple guide.

  • From your phone or your desktop, simply go to
  • From your phone you can select photos in your phone library or from your desktop you can select photos from your computer, USB or direct from your camera card
  • Choose the option to ‘Send Files for FREE’
  • Upload your files if you haven’t already done so
  • Enter in your own email address and our (the recipient email address) when prompted – our email address is
  • Add a message if you wish
  • Click the Transfer button
  • Nowadays for security, you will need to enter in a code to verify – this will be send to your email address, simply enter in the code and you are done!

You can also order your photographs from our Fuji Mobile App, pay online, select sizes and order for delivery or collection from our studio – Honeycomb Photography, The Studio, Church Walk, St. Neots

  • On your phone, go the the FUJIFILM Imagine App and download
  • Search for your Retailer (UK, Cambridgeshire)
  • You will us listed under Honeycomb Photography, St. Neots – click to connect
  • You will then be able to upload photos, browse and purchase via this app for delivery or collection in store

Picture and Photograph Framing – St. Neots

St. Neots Picture Framing is also located at Honeycomb Photography, The Studio, Church Walk, St. Neots, Cambridgshire, where Kate leads with the framing of photographs and artwork, pictures, paintings, needlework and much, much more!

Kate took over from St. Neots Picture Gallery, which was originally located in St. Mary’s Street, Eynesbury, when John and Clare retired in 2018.

With a huge selection of different frame mouldings, mount-board colours and different framing techniques, Kate’s eye for detail and design will ensure whatever you need framing will look stunning.

St. Neots Picture Framing is also a member of the Fine Art Guild Trade – this means that Kate adheres to safe and conservation-lead framing techniques in order to keep your artwork in perfect condition.

For more information, contact us by email: or phone 01480 215291 / 474141