Terms & Conditions of Website Use

Terms & Conditions of website use

Before you use this website, we strongly suggest that you take time to read the following terms and conditions carefully.
1.If you do not agree with these Terms & Conditions, you should immediately stop using this website. Continuing to use this website, will constitute acceptance of these terms and conditions and of both our privacy and cookie policies.
2.These terms and conditions, apply to the use of our Honeycomb Photography website (www.honeycomb-photography.co.uk).
3.The laws of England & Wales shall be applied to any interpretation of these Terms & Conditions and any disputes that arise out of these Terms & Conditions, will be subject only to the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales.
4.You accept that if these Terms & Conditions conflict with any other statement on this website including our cookies and privacy statement, these terms and conditions will prevail.
5.If any term or condition is determined to be unenforceable, you agree that the remainder of these Terms & Conditions still apply.
6.You accept that if you breach any of these Terms & Conditions, you could be banned from using this website and you agree to make good any and all losses that we suffer directly or indirectly as a result of you breaching these Terms & Conditions.
7.You agree that we have the right not to seek redress or impose a ban if a breach occurs and that the exercising of this right does not exclude us from taking action in respect of other breaches that you may have committed.

We may make changes

8.You accept that we may make changes to these Terms & Conditions, or to our Cookie policy, or to our Privacy policy from time to time without giving notice to any other party. We suggest therefore, that before you use our website, you should read our Terms & Conditions and our Cookie and Privacy policies, just to make sure you accept them because they may have changed since your previous visit.
9.You agree that it is your responsibility to check whether or not you accept our Terms & Conditions and our Cookies and Privacy policy before you use our website. You should note that your continuing use of this website will constitute acceptance of any changes we may have made.

Copyright & Intellectual Property

10.This website was created by Honeycomb Photography. Aspects of this website have been used under licence and with the necessary permissions, for example, the photographs that are on our web pages. Except for those aspects that are used under licence or with permission, all Intellectual property rights or copyright that arise specifically out of the creation of this website are owned by Honeycomb Photography. This includes but is not limited to text content material, website design, structure of html code and graphics.
11.This website may not be copied, reproduced, republished, posted, transmitted, disseminated or distributed in any way without our, ( Honeycomb Photography) express, advance, written consent. All trademarks used or referred to in this site are the property of their respective owners.

Website content

12.On every page of this website the content contained in this website is provided for your general information only. It should not be considered expert advice and should not be relied upon. Please note: The content in this website does not and cannot create a contractual relationship between Honeycomb Photography and any party that uses it.
13.The photographs used in the website are there to show bona fide examples of our own work.
13.Whilst we are diligent in our approach in checking that text content contained within our website is correct, complete and up to date, we make no representations or guarantees that it is. Mistakes can occur and the text content may very well be incomplete, incorrect or out of date and should not be relied upon at any time.
14.We disclaim all responsibility and liability for all loss or damage that occurs directly or indirectly because of a reliance on the content contained within this website, regardless of whether the content was complete or incomplete, correct or incorrect, up to date or out of date.

Website availability & issues

16.We make every effort to ensure that this website is secure and is available to visit all day, every day, but we do not guarantee that it is secure or will always be available. We also reserve the right to take this website off line at short notice, as we may for example, need to carry out maintenance, or to install new pages.
17.We do not guarantee that when the website is available to visit it will be free from mistakes. Whilst we will make every effort to check the website for mistakes and correct them, we do not guarantee that any mistakes that do exist will be fixed.
18.We do not guarantee that this website or the server that supports this website are free from viruses and data bugs. We would suggest that you considering using virus protection software to protect your device when viewing our website.
19.We also do not accept liability for any loss or damage that may occur directly or indirectly because your device connected to this website regardless of the reason why or how the damage was caused.
20. You agree to only visit this website for legitimate purposes and you agree not to carry out any action that would prevent or inhibit other members of the public from using this website.
We also draw your attention to the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and ask you to consider its provisions. Breaching its provisions may be a criminal offence. Should we become aware that a breach of its provisions has taken place in respect of our website itself, any supporting servers, website database or associated computers, we will consider taking remedial action and reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities.

Links to and from our website

21.This website contains links to other websites over which we do not have control and which are not operated by Honeycomb Photography. We take no responsibility for their website content and make no guarantee that any website you visit through such a link, is secure, reliable or trustworthy. We provide such links for your ease of use and provide them on a contextual basis. For example in our Cookie policy, we provide a link to a website that may be able to provide you with more information in respect of cookies.
22.You accept that you do not have to use any of the links on this website and that a link to another website or resource from this website is not an endorsement by us of that website. Should you decide to visit another website through a link on this website, you accept that you do so at your own risk.

22.There are also websites that link to this website. We have no control over them and they are not operated by ourselves and we take no responsibility for their website content and make no guarantee that they are secure, reliable, or trustworthy websites.
23.You accept that no third party rights in respect of this website are created by linking to or from this website.
24.Should you wish to link another website to this website, you accept that you must ask our permission, so please contact us.
If you have any questions about these Terms & Conditions please contact the data protection officer at Honeycomb Photography either by e-mail, at or write to: the data protection officer, Honeycomb Photography Ltd, The Studio, Church Walk, St. Neots, Cambridgeshire, PE19 1JH

These Terms & Conditions were last reviewed on 25/05/2018